Leinart Under Scrutiny for Photos.....WHY????

From thedirty.com, Leinart in the hot tubAfter about a week of the talking heads and commentators going on and on about some photos taken at Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart’s house in which the young millionaire is captured partying (wearing clothes I might add) with a few desirable young women, I feel it is our duty here at Raisingzona.com to present our own fair and balanced reporting on this topic.


Look here are some of the facts:

1. Matt Leinart is 25 years old. The last time I checked the legal drinking age in the state of Arizona was 21 years old.

2. Matt Leinart is enjoying entirely legal beverages with some friends and guests in his own home, again not illegal.

3. Matt Leinart is a young, wealthy professional athlete with movie star looks and charisma and is not married. Some young women may find that appealing…..maybe.

4. Matt Leinart did not choose to stay away from the team when he was put on IR for the season, and instead traveled with the team, rehab at the team facility and worked with the coaching staff every day to improve his mental aspect of the game. And so far, he has attended every off season voluntary workout at the Cardinals training facility.

From thedirty.com, Leinart holding the Beer BongThose are the facts. It’s not like Leinart was photographed pulling some kind of Matthew-McCounaghy-weed smoking-bongo drum playing-weirdo crap, he was drinking beer at his house. He was holding a beer bong in a picture while a girl drank from it. This is not the Minnesota Vikings Sex Boat scandal, this is not a bunch of hook……errrr dancers entertaining players and committing all kinds of unknown sex acts with members of an NFL franchise during the bye week of the season. This is a young group of people in their twenties having a party!!

Now I get it, he’s the quarterback and everyone is saying he needs to show maturity and blah, blah, blah. What does that mean, mature? Does it imply that every QB in the NFL teaches at Bible Study and is married to their high school sweetheart and saved themselves until marriage? Gimme a break, the only thing Leinart is not understanding that anybody with a camera can make a quick buck off of you if you are a celebrity, anybody.

Now I get why the Coaching staff may be disappointed in Leinart, but it’s not because of the photos or the party. It’s because of the negative media attention and scrutiny they cast on the Cards organization. This coaching staff is trying to establish a winning tradition, trying to build respect for the team around the country. Issues like this with their starting QB raise doubts about the team’s committment to winning, which is something head coach Ken Whisenhunt is definitely not happy about.

But in the end, here’s what we all need to do. For some of us, think back to when you were 25. For some of the rest of us, you’re already there or in the neighborhood. Now imagine that you have $20 million dollars, a mansion, a world class athlete, and the opposite sex finds you attractive. What do you do? I’d throw a party…….maybe even two.

So give me a break with this stuff already. Matt……as long as keep coming to those Voluntary workouts, OTAs, minicamp, training camp, and you show up on game days ready to play and bring a winner to my town, then it’s all good.

Mike Duggan

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  • admin

    Most of these guys are reporters who have never been around one good looking girl let alone a bunch in a hot tub. I still dont think these girls are that hot, come on Matty.


  • Rayvenz

    I agree, I’ve definitely banged out hotter chicks than that and I am NOT a pro-football player lol…..I was so pissed when I saw that stupid women anchor on sportcenter acting like Leinart was Britney Spears or something…..who CARES!!!???

  • ShootinBlankz

    I have to agree as well, I mean these guys in the media out there are putting this story up there with the story about that thug Chris Henry!!!! Let the kid have some fun in his own house for Christ’s sake!!

  • AZScott

    I agree to a point. Yes it is legal. Yes it is in his own house. Yes he is over 21 and hopefully those girls were too. However, knowing photos are being snapped and can end up anywhere, he needs to realize, like it or not, that he is a public figure and since he is a starting QB of an NFL franchise who lots of kids look up to, it is NOT such a flattering stance. I don’t really have an issue with him hanging out with the girls in the hot tub. In fact – way to go. I do have an issue with the bong picture. Typical frat activity. He is 25 – but he is in a grown up world now, making grown up money. College is over. Time to grow up and take some responsibility for being Matt Leinart the grown up – at home or not. Whether he likes it or not, this is the life he chooses to lead and along with it accept the consequences and rewards it offers him. Yes the media blows it out of proportion and I don’t know who compared him to that thug Chris Henry. Matt Leinart is not a bad person and has shown his care for the community, but he needs to be aware of his surroundings and put himself in better positions as a public figure.

  • http://NA Chris

    I agree with AZSCOTT 100% on this. The problem with Leinart and these pictures is that it shows that he doesn’t have much character or maturity to lead this squad. The problem is this. He doesn’t study the plays, has a hollywood persona (chip on his shoulder from his college days), and obviously isn’t serious about being a good professional football player. Do we really want this kid leading our football team? No. Granted, he has learned to be more responsable due to his mentoring by Kurt Warner but he is far from being ready for the full time job as starting quaterback. He needs to put this stuff behind him, get settled down, take his lunch pail to work with him, and get the job done, bar none. Stop kidding around. He is 25 years old, not 16. He is a man, not a teenager. If he studied the paybook more often we might actually make the playoffs this year (like we should have last year), which by the way two of our losses were due to his play at quaterback. Grow up Matt.

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