The Headache Just Got Worse

Aye Aye Aye Santa Maria!! What in the name of all that is Cardinals is going on here? Receiver Anquan Boldin today asked the Cardinals to trade him. He wants the trade now. The Cardinals said they would visit the notion after this season.

The Cardinals told the upset receiver no way were they trading him now. Reports are that if he isn’t traded, he will walk out of camp, even with three years left on his contract. Failure to report to practice will cost him $15,000 per day. Suck him dry for all I care. I knew it would eventually come down to this when he first said he wasn’t even going to report to camp. He surprised me a little by actually reporting on time but from day one he said he wasn’t going to talk about it and will play out his contract and leave. Now he wants nothing to do with the team. Rumors are he doesn’t even speak to coach Whisenhunt at all, although Whiz denies it till the end of day.

Whatever the truth is, it is obvious that these two can not co-exist. Boldin wants out. Now. I say let him leave, but don’t give in to his trade demands. Let him leave camp and get fined $15K a day. Trade him after the season. Unless they can get true value in return, which will be tough given the salary he currently makes, it doesn’t make sense to trade him now, although it could be essentially the best move. However, the Cardinals have enough receivers they can get by without him. Of course no one currently on the roster other than Larry Fitzgerald can replace him completely, but I like the crop of young receivers they have in camp. Steve Breaston has been a pleasant surprise. Don’t forget Early Doucet, who unfortunately has been nursing an injury. Sean Morey, Tim Castille, one of them may be able to step in. Morey made some nice catches for the Cardinals last season.

I still suspect some of this headache is the doing of Drew Rosenhaus. It truly reeks of his doing. How do little rats like that continue to exist? Boldin just needs to grow up and stop crying that his teammate got his and he hasn’t yet, which the Cardinals continue to say they would give him a new deal – just not right now.

As I look at it, the guy signed a contract. Last time I checked, when you sign, you agree to those terms. Does he deserve an extension? You bet. On the field he’s earned every penny. He’s not the employer though. He’s the employee. I think he forgets that fact. So, does he deserve the extension even after all this complaining. Of course, doesn’t change how he has performed. Doesn’t mean he gets to call the shots and make demands. The only thing he needs to do right now is play and help me avoid taking another two aspirin in the morning. Aye Aye Aye Santa Maria!!!

Go Cards!

Scott Allen


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  • Raider Greg

    Welcome to the “BLACK HOLE”!! We will be waiting for the Redbirds to fly into Oaktown……We say…..IF IT FLYS IT DIES!!! Your team is much better with “Wiseenguy” but We ain’t the Chiefs……Prepair for a preseason BEAT DOWN!…Oh…..and…..Have a nice day!

  • Sports Handicapper Picks

    You may be right on the money Scott, Drew Rosenhaus is a greedy weasel.  He advises all of his athletes to do just this, demand money, a trade or holdout.  The Cardinals might want to take a page out of the Eagles book and let him sit out and get fined and lose money.  It is athletes like them that make fans very upset.  They make more money then they could spend in their lifetime for doing a job that most of us would die for.  Hopefully Arizona sticks to their guns.

  • AZScott

    I certainly hope Arizona sticks to their guns.  It sounds like, at least publicly, they are. 

    As for the Radiers Greg, well I wouldn’t be surprised to see McFadden have his way with us.   I’m just glad it’s the preseason and it means nothing other than some people making their respective teams.

  • Znarf27

    I think it would be logical to try to deal him now, before he becomes too much of a hassle. What about to Philadelphia for Sheppard and a second round pick? Sheppard has the same agent and he  could possibly make it work. A two time pro-bowler wouldnt look bad in the seconary.

  • theMBIIIeffect

    I say deal the guy. He’s got 3 years left on his deal, and there are teams out there that want him desperately (Cowboys included). I don’t think you’d get a first-round pick out of us though. I think Jerry would be happy to offer Bobby Carpenter and possibly a defensive lineman and a second rounder.

  • AZScott

    Boldin won’t get traded no matter how much he cries. No one will give them anything of value in return.  If one more person brings up Lito Shepard though I think I may get sick.  Im tired of hearing about him.  He is a good cornerback, but he isn’t a receiver and I’m ok with the secondary we have now if Shepard is the replacement. 

  • Znarf27

    azscott? What was our record with our great secondary?

  • Shahji

    I really like that.