Here We Go Again

Update from NY:

Warner fumbled on 2nd and goal and Edge recovered at the 32.  Then Boldin fumbled on the next play to give it back to the Jets.  Typical results.  Making mistakes after a great drive had them in scoring range.  Still haven’t learned a thing on offense.

As I type – Okeafor just intercepted Favre.  Ok, let’s get this thing in the end zone boys!

Scott Allen

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • Jay Robare

    I bthought the Dolphins suck…we were in the game until the last play with the jets and we kicked New Englands ass…You guys are a little girls squad…the jet demolished you guys.
    I hope Antoine is not seriously hurt.

  • AZScott

    Anquan is going to be ok it appears.  BTW – the last person that can talk smack to me is a Dolphins fan.  I went to a game 2 weeks ago, you might remember it – lost to the same Cards today 31-10.