Cards Shoot Blanks on National TV Again, Get Whipped 31-10

Should I even try to write a good wrap up of tonight’s game?  I don’t know.  Maybe I should just call it in.  The Arizona defense felt that was good enough tonight.  However, I’m better than that, at least I will still try, no matter how little the Cards do these days.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning dismantled the Cardinals secondary.  He consistently torched them.  He threw for 375 yards and 4 touchdowns.  I don’t know, is that good?

On the flip side, Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner had a rough night.  He threw 52 times, which is way too many, even for this offense.  He consistently held the ball too long, overthrew his receivers, and ran for his life because his offensive line just couldn’t keep up.  I’d like to call out Levi Brown.  On one play, he just stood there like he was a statue and allowed Warner to get mauled.  That either looked like a guy who didn’t care or doesn’t know how to block like an offensive lineman in the NFL.  It’s one of the two.  I’d hate to think he doesn’t care about his quarterback getting killed on missed blocks.

Turnovers were key.  I mentioned earlier about Cards running back Tim Hightower’s crucial fumble at the 5.  The interception at the end of the first half was a killer too.  Finally a cap was put on the night with the 28 yard sack of Warner with just minutes remaining.

I’m interested to know why Warner feels the need to hang onto the ball for so long.  They aren’t throwing deep.  That is this team’s strength.  I think we found out where this team stands.  They can’t beat the good teams.  They had the same issue last season.  They’ve now lost their first two games at home.  It’s going to be a rough road and now with the bye week ahead before facing the Houston Texans at home in two weeks, the Cards will have time to think, plenty of time to decide how they want the rest of the season to play out.  Look for the first local blackout of a home game in two weeks.  I’d be surprised if the stadium is three fourths full.  I won’t make any rash predictions of 3-13 like I did after the loss to the 49′ers two weeks ago, but I will say this.  If the Cards continue to play this way, continue to be lax on defense, refuse to block, refuse to make smart play calls, this team is destined to watch itself follow in the footsteps of previous Super Bowl losers, not making the playoffs and become another mediocre Cardinals team.

Scott Allen

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  • BPaul

    This is a delayed response to earlier post. I guess you forgot about last year’s huge wins over really good teams in the playoffs. Football fans continually make simplistic judgments, usually giving the QB way more credit or blame than is justified. Take the Colts game. That game was lost on the line, both defensive and offensive. The Colts defense put huge pressure on Warner, while the Cardinals defense put no pressure on Manning. Then people blame Warner. You can’t say that the offensive line provided no protection and then say that Warner held the ball too long. He didn’t have time to hold the ball too long; he stepped back and the rush was there already. Meanwhile, Manning is hailed as a genius, even though he had huge protection and receivers who were wide open, not just a little open, but wide open. People don’t realize how much pressure Warner is under when there is no solid running game to keep defenses honest. Warner has to be almost perfect every time and that isn’t going to happen, no matter who is at QB. If you look at the highlights of this game you will see Warner threading the needle over and over again whenever he had any time at all, with the exception of that one throw to Fitzgerald. One pick shouldn’t have been counted because of pass interference, the other came from a 300 pound gorilla on Warner’s back as he was letting go of the ball. Then people blame Warner. How about asking Whisenhut why he gave up on Wells, just because he fumbled a couple of times. You could see in the playoffs how much the running game opens things up, so Wells needs to get his chances.

  • AZScott

    Not sure what game you were watching, but the Cards OL did in fact fail on several plays, and it was even pointed out on the telecast. I wasn’t pointing something out that was foreign to the average fan. Sure they played great in the playoffs. No one does forget that. Im not concerned with last years playoffs – im concerned with the now. The playoffs were in the past. Its all about what have you done for me lately. You are right about the Warner interceptions – especially the one in the end zone. Cards got screwed there. Oh and yes, he did hold the ball too long in certain situations where he could have simply thrown the ball away. Its just one game, but those were observations made by me and I know there are others that saw the same thing. Thanks so much for your input. Keep it coming!