Others Chime in on Leinart Situation

I have my opinions, however so do a lot of other people.  What are others saying about the possible trade of Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart?

Jay Glazer (Fox Sports) via his Twitter page said that the New York Giants are not interested in Matt Leinart.  ” They are looking for a veteran backup who is perfectly content being Eli’s backup”

Mike Sando (ESPN.com) writes that he feels this is Leinart’s “Endgame”

Dennis Dillon (Sporting News) gives us three reasons why Leinart might need a change of venue

Jeff Miller (Orange County Register) says Leinart must go now

Jon Gruden (ESPN) says Leinart didn’t take advantage of his opportunitites

Former Cardinals and current Baltimore Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin says he is not surprised by what is going on, but could care less.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Vee

    Please no Gruden talk! I must say the piling on has gone into full effect. I really feel bad for him because people are treating him like crap. You have former players talking bad about him, players telling so-called journalists (former players) what’s going on but won’t drop their name, fans calling him names. This is all too much for me because I try to treat our qb (regardless of who it is) with respect. I watched him play a little,but I didn’t find myself going off the deep end like alot of people. Alot of what they said occured years ago,but some people like drama. This is a human being and people need to remember that. As long as he’s a good person that’s enough for me. I still feel he wasn’t given enough time, he was in the league a while but he wasnt playing alot. My rule of 1-2 years still stands. I hope he will find the peace and harmony that apparently eluded him in Arizona. No one was coming off the bench and playing like Warner did because he played all the time and there’s no instant gratification. It’s a learning process, but someone failed to give him heads up. People should leave the man alone.