10 Reasons Why Carson Palmer is Not Right for the Arizona Cardinals

I just read over on Arizonasports.com that Sporting News thinks Carson Palmer is worth a first rounder in a trade.  I about fell out of my seat.  Apparently Sporting News is either in the back pocket of Palmer or they just don't know what they are talking about. I sure hope the Arizona Cardinals don't waste a first rounder on him.

Palmer is another serviceable quarterback.  He is definitely better than Derek Anderson, but there is a reason why Palmer has only gotten his team to the playoffs twice.  Yeah yeah, sure the supporting cast has been a joke at times, but you can only blame it on that reason for so long.  I see Palmer as a middle of the pack quarterback.  I just don't think Palmer is right for the Cards, especially at the price he might come at.

Here are my top 10 reasons why I think Palmer should not be an Arizona Cardinal:

1. He went to USC.  We've done the USC quarterback thing.  That didn't work out.

2. He is demanding a trade out of Cincinnati or he'll retire.  I really don't want a quarterback that decides to hold a franchise hostage like that.

3. Can you really trust a guy named Carson?

4. His brother Jordan might be better, but paid less, so he sits.  Ok lame reason, but you can tell I really don't want Palmer.

5. He will come at too high a price.  Any team that gives up a first round pick for him has just set their franchise back 10 years.

6. He has trouble getting along with his receivers.  Sure, he's worked with some troublemakers, but as the quarterback and leader of your team, you must work past all that stuff.  He has seemed incapable of doing that.

7. Kevin Kolb

8. Kyle Orton - I will put a disclaimer here.  Yes, I knocked Orton a couple of weeks ago and no he hasn't won anything either, but I think the future upside is greater with Orton.

9. He is Jake Plummer all over again.  He will throw a lot of touchdowns, but then he will break your heart with tons of interceptions as well.

10. Cincy isn't trading him anyway.  So let's move on.


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  • Tim

    Half of your 10 points are completely erroneous and I’ll-founded. The other half are self defeating by your own words. Work on something more substantial and get back to us. I mean can you trust any writer who has two first names?

  • david parsons

    I know, this is just wasted fodder because there is nothing else to write about. So, I’ll similarly waste YOUR time with my rebuttal:
    1. Just because he went to USC is not reason to bitch. So did Mark Sanchez. No one is kicking HIM outta bed for eating crackers, right?
    2. Demanding a trade is the only way he feels he can get out.Contracted players cannot just quit and go somewhere else, like we can in the real world. I’m sure there was some talk back and forth, about Palmer asking to leave town. Obviously the Bengals said NO. This is all Palmer can do. I don’t like it either, but this is the only hand he can play.
    3. This question has NO merit whatsoever. Next…
    4. If Jordan Palmer WAS a better NFL QB than Carson, then he would play. Very simple. Teams like good, cheap players, and like to get rid of expensive, older players.
    5. This one I wholeheartedly agree with. A first rounder is way too much for Palmer at this time, and physical condition, in his career. Although I’d be willing to send Greg Toler or Beanie Wells to Cincy for him…
    6. If you had BOTH Ochocinco and Owens to throw to, well, there aren’t enough footballs to go around for either of those guys, much less the rest of the team. I guarantee you that Palmer will have NO PROBLEM whatsoever spreading receptions around between Fitzgerald and Breaston. Both are known team-first players, something that CANNOT be said for Palmer’s other, aforementioned targets…
    7. I like KK as much as anyone else. But I see a huge $$ problem. Philadelphia is, right now, running a huge, winning PR game for KK’s services. They are back-handedly running an auction for KK, right under the leagues’ nose. Playing multiple “insiders”-reporters against each other. The “insiders” are the stalking horses for the individual teams. Even the Cardinals’ beat writer has eagerly, and perhaps unwittingly, played into the Eagles’ trap. He publicly mused aloud about what amount of compensation it might take to pry KK from the Eagles’ nest. He obligingly noted what it cost the Texans to get Matt Schaub a few years ago, and even noted that it might cost the Cardinals MORE since inflation and scarcity of good QBs are even worse NOW. Thanks, dude. We thought you were on OUR side. by the time the lockout ends, KK will be publicly mounted on a truck scale, and will be balanced out with his weight in gold bullion. No thanks. If you don’t believe me, just read some of the speculation coming out of Philly about how fans are EXPECTING KK to fetch *2* first-rounders, or a first-rounder AND PP7!!! The Cardinals are frequently stupid, but rarely THAT dumb…(I hope…)
    8. When did KO become such a savior? Remember, he was the THROW-IN on the Bears trade, because the Broncos felt that they had to get a QB, ANY QB, in the trade that sent Jay Cutler away. KO didn’t exactly remind us of John Elway at anytime during his tenure at Denver. (who could, really). When the Cardinals played the Broncos last season, it was the Cards’ beat-up, out-of-whack defense (that got its’ ass handed to them by the likes of Carolina, for instance) that smothered KO, making him look barely better than Derek Anderson. KO may be affordable, but really, he’s no better than Marc Bulger.
    9. Palmer may be the 2nd coming of Jake Plummer, but I LIKE Jake Plummer. Plummer’s problem was coaching and schemes, and poor OL play. If Plummer played for Whisenhunt, he would be an instant Pro Bowler. Plummer NEVER got solid protection from any OL after he left ASU.
    10. Mike Brown is too anal-retentive to trade him. He is taking this trade demand as a personal insult. He SHOULD be looking at this as an opportunity to A. Get rid of a potential problem in a locker room, and B. reducing salary by dumping a dissatisfied player onto someone else’s doorstep. Mike Brown has been in the NFL for all of his life (literally!) The NFL is a BUSINESS, first and foremost. If in any other business, one of your top salesman came to your office and demanded to be released, or else, you bet the boss would find a way to get rid of you. In the NBA, they would threaten to trade you to the Clippers. That’s enough to frighten any player into line. Yet, Mike Brown allows his personal feelings to overrule his business sense. No wonder everyone wants out of Cincy. They have now taken the Cardinals’ place as the business laughingstock of the sports world. Not quite sunk to the level of the Clippers, but dangerously close.Thanks, Cincy! We appreciate being shoved out of the lowlight so forcefully. MUahahahahahahahaha….