The Mad Scramble

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Now is the time for the Cardinals brain trust to decide on who they want to go after for their starting quarterback, and the maximum they would be willing to give up — and stay firm to that plan. If Plan A does not work because the team who owns the rights wants too much in return, then the Cardinals should immediately have a Plan B as a fallback.

As to free agents, this will be a little bit easier, but time will still be of essence. However, the hope is that the Cardinals know the three or four free agents they wish to target–and the amount they are willing to pay each of them–so that deals with each can be signed quickly. The Cardinals would be wise to target another offensive lineman, a linebacker, and possibly an extra big body for the defensive line.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks. However, within a month we should have a very good idea of what the 2011 Arizona Cardinals will look like.

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