Your QB Is Only as Good as Your Offensive Line

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Those who can remember back to the days when the Cardinals played in St. Louis certainly remember a quarterback named Jim Hart, who had a terrific offensive line anchored by Dan Dierdorf and Conrad Dobler protecting him. With a couple of strong receivers, an average quarterback turned into a great quarterback.

So yes, the Cardinals need a strong quarterback in 2011. However, with a healthy (and hopefully signed) Steve Breaston and a very motivated Larry Fitzgerald on the team, I am convinced that even if the Cardinals obtain an average quarterback, they can make him shine by shoring up their offensive line — and giving the new quarterback the protection that he needs.

There are a lot of question marks right now regarding the offensive line. Who will replace Alan Faneca? Do the Cardinals resign Lyle Sendlein and Deuce Lutui? Who do they go after in the free agent, if anyone?

First order of business after the lockout — decide on a quarterback.

Second order of business — beef up the offensive line so the new Cardinals quarterback can get the protection he requires — and go from good to great.