How the West Will Be Won

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My answer is yes. Assuming the team adds a wide receiver that can complement Larry Fitzgerald, I think the Cardinals addressed every significant need and shored themselves up both offensively and defensively.

I also think the Rams, Seahawks, and 49ers all lost more than they gained, and the Cardinals definitely look like the odds-on favorite to win the division, which is still relatively weak compared to others in the NFL.

The reigning NFC West Champion Seahawks have made some big additions like Sidney Rice, but he will still be stuck with Tavaris Jackson throwing him the ball like he was with the Vikings. The 49ers have not made any significant moves other than bringing back Alex Smith (which I admit that I am thrilled about!). The Rams, although they have sat tight for the most part, will probably be the one team that the Cardinals have to watch out for, since they are a young team on the rise.

Of course, the Cardinals still have to play 16 games. We don’t know how the offensive line will hold up, whether Beanie Wells will stay healthy this year and produce, and how two new starting cornerbacks are going to do. On paper, though, I’d say there’s a very good chance that the Cardinals will be playing again in the postseason this year. And as we know from a few years ago, once you are in the postseason, anything can happen!