Nine Observations About the Arizona Cardinals-Philadelphia Eagles Game

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4) Kerry Rhodes played his best game as a Cardinal on Sunday.  The stop he made at the 1-yard line was amazing, and the hit on Vick that caused the fumble recovery and touchdown was a classic.  I’m hoping that the Cardinals can get a full season out of Rhodes this year.  He has been playing terrific.

5) Speaking of that fumble, I don’t think I have ever screamed so loud in a game in my life!  What a turnaround — instead of going into the half leading 17-7 with the momentum swinging to the Eagles, the Cardinals ended the half with a 24-0 lead, leaving the Eagles with virtually no chance to catch up.  The best part of the play, in my opinion, wasn’t even the hit by Rhodes … or James Sanders scooping up the fumble and running 90-plus yards — it was Daryl Washington outrunning everyone on the field from the 5-yard line to lead the blocking, and throwing the critical block that allowed Sanders to score before the half ended.

6) How happy are Cardinals fans that Daryl Washington will be playing  the next six years for Arizona?  Is there anything that Washington doesn’t do well?

7) I’m still trying to figure out why Andy Reid did not utilize LeSean McCoy at all in the first half?  I guess he preferred to see if Michael Vick could beat the Cardinals by passing, and avoid landing on his ass.  Fortunately, for Cardinals fans, Vick was on the ground more than he was standing — and McCoy wasn’t used effectively until the second half, when it was too late.  If I were an Eagles fan, I’d be pretty pissed at Reid’s play calling.

8) Once again, the secondary was superb.  Patrick Peterson had the unenviable task of guarding DeSean Jackson, and he did it admirably.  The second-year pro is getting better and better at coverage each week.  The secondary was without Adrian Wilson on Sunday, but they did just fine, forcing Vick to scramble or take a sack many times during the game — and they prevented the Eagles from getting any big-yardage  gains.

9) Ryan Williams showed some flashes of brilliance in the fourth quarter.  I’m still waiting to see a complete performance from either Williams or Beanie Wells, though.  Right now that’s the biggest piece that’s missing on a Cardinals team that’s clicking on almost all cylinders.

Bring on the Dolphins!