Arizona Cardinals: Flying Around the Round Table

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Hiram Carroll III

Two names come to mind; Carson Palmer and Karlos Dansby. I believe they both will make significant impacts to the team for the same reason; Steve Keim wanted both badly. Its hard not to acknowledge his excitement over both signings but the ability to sign both to contracts that do not hurt the team is huge. Palmer, who ranked 16th in passer rating in 2012 and second in passer rating in 2005, is a good quarterback who has never had offensive-minded coaches, so I believe for him to work in head coach Bruce Arians’ offense is good for him but just icing on the cake to have Larry Fitzgerald to throw to. Dansby, who wanted a long-term contract with Arizona after years of being offered one-year deals, finally got his wish with Miami, so to come back to Arizona on a one-year deal shows his interest in the team and area. In addition, Dansby registered 134 tackles in 2012.