2014 Positional Analysis: Arizona Cardinals Offensive Line

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T Bobby Massie

Oct 26, 2014; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals tackle Bobby Massie (70) against the Philadelphia Eagles at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Stats: 16 games| 9 sacks allowed| 8 QB hits allowed

Going to the other edge of the line, third year tackle Bobby Massie put up another ambiguous season. Since joining Arizona as a fourth round pick in 2012, Massie has ranged from okay to terrible. Massie was forced to start as a rookie and allowed 13 sacks, the worst for a tackle in the entire NFL. In 2013, he was removed from the starting spot only to return due to injury. He played eight games, and actually looked relatively effective.

2014 was somewhere in between the two. Massie allowed nine sacks, but also had some very effective games. The problem, as for most young players, is consistently bringing good performances. One game, he’ll fight hard to maintain the edge. The next game, he’ll get outplayed repeatedly.

Massie is 25, so he still has room to improve as he gets more familiar with what to do and improves his work habits. If nothing else, he played a full sixteen games for the Cards, so he has the health to be a staple. That may sound like little consolation, but knowing that he’s going to be able to be there can help the cohesiveness and effectiveness of the unit as a whole.

Massie’s season wasn’t exactly impressive, but he was better than he was before. His youth and his ability to stay on the field bode well for his ability to become a better player. A replacement is not out of the question, but Massie apparently played well enough in 2014 to convince the Cardinals not to immediately pursue a new starting right tackle.