Arizona Cardinals: Pre-training camp look at the St. Louis Rams

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May 8, 2015; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Rams wide receiver Isiah Ferguson (2) catches a pass during a drill at rookie minicamp at Rams Park. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Other than Gurley, is there a rookie that Cardinals fans should be on the lookout for this season?

"The Rams didn’t have the most exciting draft because they took a lot of players for need at non-skill positions. Bud Sasser may have had a chance to make an impact, but his physical revealed a heart condition that ended his career before it even began. The rookie position battles along the offensive line should be interesting, and although he isn’t much to look at, Rob Havenstein should be a stand out player at the tackle position. He comes from Wisconsin were he bulldozed the opposition for Melvin Gordon, so he’s in-tune with run blocking. With the new run first attitude in St. Louis, of all the rookies, he should prove the most valuable."

Do you have a bold prediction about the Rams for the upcoming season?

"My bold prediction for the Rams this season would be to have both Tre Mason and Todd Gurley eclipse 1,000 rushing yards. It hinges on quite a few variables. First and foremost, the offensive line needs to come together in a big way. Even seasoned offensive lines can struggle to produce 1,000 yard rushers, and the Rams have yet to name a starter for three positions along the line, including center. A lot rides on Gurley’s health as well. The sooner he comes back, the higher the chance of him having a successful season. If he makes an impact right away he may ask begin to steal some reps from Mason. However, if all the pieces align just right, and these two backs carry the load for 16 games, I think it can happen."

Speaking of predictions, what is your prediction of what the Rams record will be this season?

"Unfortunately, the Rams are up against a tough go of it in 2015. As everything sits now, this team will struggle to do better than 9-7, or 8-8. That’s obviously not what Rams fans would like to hear, but playing the Steelers, Packers, Bears, Ravens, Bengals and Lions will prove to be a major challenge. Don’t forget about the division games. Seattle, Arizona and even the Niners will pose a challenge even though many believe they will have a down year. The Rams will need to overachieve this year to make the post season. They cannot have any let down games against teams like the Browns, Vikings or Bucs. Combine that with some quality wins over teams like the Bears, Bengals or Lions and you could have yourself a 10-6 or 11-5 year. Then you have the postseason in your crosshairs."

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