Arizona Cardinals: Week 4 Power Rankings

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30. Jet fans are eating some humble pie this week after flying high for the last two. It wasn’t going to rainbows and lollipops all 16 weeks, re-focus and get back to business. You have to wonder about the defense if Revis Island closes down, however.. (2-1). Previous: 13th. New York Jets. 13. team

team. 124. How do you only run the ball 17 times total, and only 12 of them be Charles? The Chiefs gave up on a balanced attack early in this game and it came back to bite them. Poor decision making on Andy Reid’s part. The Chiefs see their winning ways get stiffled by Green Bay and run away from them in the Broncos game. They also see the Raiders looking down on them from second place.. (1-2). Previous: 10th. Kansas City Chiefs. 12

87. The Panthers continue to impress, even if they don’t get calls because their QB isn’t “old enough.” Still, Cam Newton has been in fine form the first three weeks of the season, even without a top tier receiver, it looks like the Panthers division to lose.. (3-0). Previous: 17th. Carolina Panthers. 11. team

(3-0). Previous: 8th. Denver Broncos. 10. team. 45. The luckiest/worst 3-0 team in the league is the Broncos, but they’ve managed to win games after finding problems in their offense and trying to fix them. That defense is just lights-out. They say defense wins championships, in the Broncos case, it may be all they have after 16 games.

Sep 27, 2015; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Buffalo Bills running back Karlos Williams (29) carries the ball in the second half against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Innerarity-USA TODAY Sports

16. Rex Ryan rebounds his team after big talk led to a big loss at home against New England in Week 2. With the team focusing on what’s important, the Bills still remain a force with that defense and a capable QB.. (2-1). Previous: 11th. Buffalo Bills. 9. team

team. 123. The effects of missing Tony Romo will come into view very shortly, but a superior Atlanta team prevailed this week.. (2-1). Previous: 5th. Dallas Cowboys. 8

Previous: 9th. Atlanta Falcons. 7. team. 44. Falcon fans, if there are any outside the A-T-L, have a lot to like in the team. Their running back goes down and a shared-time backup lights up the stat sheet. You have to like that. Matt Ryan is not making any mistakes and the rest of the division is imploding around them, save the Panthers. The winner of their two matchups will take it all it seems.. (3-0)