Arizona Cardinals: Power Rankings – Week 6

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(2-3). Previous: 19th. Oakland Raiders. 17. team. 28. Tough loss to the Broncos in a very winnable game where Peyton Manning looks human, but that defense is just opportunistic and smothering. There will be a rematch.

16. team. 123. Maybe Matt Cassel is the answer in Dallas until Tony Romo returns, if he isn’t, it won’t mater when Romo is back, there won’t be much to play for except pride going down this path.. (2-3). Previous: 12th. Dallas Cowboys

Oct 12, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; San Deigo Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) audibles against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(2-3). Previous: 14th. San Diego Chargers. 15. team. 13. Tough loss, very tough on the national stage, at home, and letting Michael Vick light up two TDs on you in the fourth quarter. Where was the defense?

team. 60. Have a bye, move up three spots?. (2-2). Previous: 17th. Minnesota Vikings. 14

13. team. 46. The timeless Matt Hasselback gave the Colts the spark they may need to keep the season together, pushing them to two consecutive wins and above .500. This is going to be one of, if not, the worst divisions in football, winning it should be easy for a talent team, but are the Colts that team?. (3-2). Previous: 16th. Indianapolis Colts

Previous: 15th. New York Giants. 12. team. 31. Impressive victory and poise displayed by Eli Manning, written off after two weeks, another team that shows why, in today’s NFL, week to week is a completely different ball game.. (3-2)