Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings Week 13

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The Jets and the newly trimmed Ryan Fitzpatrick took the Dolphins to task to the point the team fired their offensive coordinator this week after subpar efforts. And hey, another week without a safety!. (4-7). Previous: 26th. Miami Dolphins. 27. team. 59

The season is over for Dallas, even in a terrible division like the NFC East where a 5-6 Washington team leads, the Cowboys did just not have any contingencies in place for Tony Romo getting hurt (again, and then again).. (3-8). Previous: 24th. Dallas Cowboys. 26. team. 123

(4-7). Previous: 25th. Jacksonville Jaguars. 25. team. 52. Jacksonville almost had this game to stay in the conversation for the division lead, not just the wildcard. The game isn’t over yet, and the season isn’t up, but some big things need to happen.[/power_ranking [caption id=

The Ravens won a hard fought victory against a Browns team that is a media circus and an absolute mess. With six starters, as ESPN’s graphics showed us, lost for the season and a good 75% of their offense going with it (maybe more), any win is a good win at this point.. (4-7). Previous: 27th. Baltimore Ravens. 23. team. 26

Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 22. team. 48. The Bucs are still in the hunt for the wild card, but the loss to the Colts when they could only muster 12 points in four quarters won’t get you very far.. (5-6). Previous: 22nd