Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings – Week 17

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26. team. 42. The 49ers will be in the market to completely reshape this team after a dreadful season, look for the entire coaching staff to end up somewhere else on Black Monday.. (4-11). Previous: 27th. San Francisco 49ers

50. A lost season showed some life in a beating of the 49ers (but who couldn’t beat them at this point), the Lions are going to need to find a running back who can hold on to the ball, and seek out some goodwill from their fans. They didn’t go 0-16 (again) but if you ask any Lions fan (if you can find one) they feel about the same.. (6-9). Previous: 28th. Detroit Lions. 25. team

15. What will this team’s sideline and starting line-up look like next year? It certainly will look a lot different if you listen to just about everyone else.. (6-9). Previous: 24th. New Orleans Saints. 24. team

Dec 27, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; St. Louis Rams linebacker Akeem Ayers (56) celebrates with teammates after returning a fumble for a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks during the first quarter at CenturyLink Field. St. Louis defeated Seattle, 23-17. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

23. team. 51. After that sweep of the Seahawks the Rams can actually finish .500, again!. (7-8). Previous: 23rd. St. Louis Rams

Jacksonville Jaguars. 22. team. 52. Well, they hung in there for part of the season, but another disappointing campaign for the team from Florida no one talks about. Offensive weapons are there, the quarterback is mostly there, but it just didn’t all come together.. (5-10). Previous: 20th

(6-9). Previous: 19th. Philadelphia Eagles. 21. team. 54. Wouldn’t want to be living in Philly right now and be an Eagles fan. Your mind has to be absolutely blown the way this entire season was handled. What a mess.

Atlanta Falcons. 20. team. 44. While their playoff hopes are very dim at this point, there has to be some solace in the fact they avenged their 38-0 beat down a few weeks ago by knocking the Panthers from the ranks of the unbeaten.. (8-7). Previous: 22nd