Arizona Cardinals in a Defensive Draft

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Now, remember when I told the fans to #TrustTheProcess, well here is my example. Brandon Williams of Texas A&M was a blur at the NFL Scouting Combine, and showed an unbelievable gear that many teams would covet at the next level. All that goes through my mind is 4.37, that’s just as fast as William Jackson III of Houston, but a tad slower then T.J. Green of Clemson and Jonathan Jones of Auburn. To me, I completely understand the thought process going into this pick.

We all can look around, thinking “who is this guy?”, but I’m allowing Keim’s track record to speak of itself. The third round stash has been unbelievable, David Johnson was a super rookie scoring 12 touchdowns, Tyrann Mathieu was the only All-Pro Selection between any defensive back in his class, and John Brown should have been in the Pro-Bowl with his season last year. I’m not saying that every third round has been gold, but it’s pretty close. Remember, stay grounded, Kareem Martin has yet to live up to the hype of the other third round selection. 3 out of 4, not bad.

What does this have to do with Brandon Williams? Do you believe in superstition? I do, and it could be exactly what the Cardinals need. The Cardinals bring in possibly the fastest corner in the corner, one with amazing physical attributes. What’s to say the Cardinals don’t bank on his potential and the superstition of the third round for the Cardinals. The Cardinals have been wanting to put another corner on an island opposite Patrick Peterson, Brandon Williams sure seems the part. Antonio Cromartie couldn’t do it very long, I still think of the Jerraud Powers signing as a failure to launch, and Justin Bethel has been anything other then a success at corner.

Brandon Williams is a converted running back, he played his first season at Oklahoma (with Tony Jefferson), then transferred to Texas A&M afterwards so he could be with his daughter. That speaks volumes to me. A man should always value his family utmost. The transition to corner was this year in June when a former position coach from LSU (former Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu guru) had a looksee. That gave Williams exactly 2 weeks to learn the position as well as he could, and earn the starting spot. Not easy to do, but he did it very well. He earned 6 pass breakups, which is impressive in the SEC.