Five Running Backs the Arizona Cardinals Could Add

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James Conner is a physical, bruising ball carrier with upside

The days of the big, physical back are somewhat in the past, as speed matters more and more. However, there is some value in having a monster who can push piles, run defenders over, and punish would-be tacklers. James Conner is that guy, and could be a nice addition to the Cardinals.

There aren’t many stories more inspirational than that of Conner, who suffered an injury early in 2015, then was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Despite the setback, he persevered. Conner beat cancer, completed rehab on his knee, and returned with a bang in 2016., recording 1,092 yards rushing and 16 touchdowns. He also scored four receiving touchdowns.

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Conner isn’t as versatile as the other players on this list, but he is special in his own way. As a runner, he has quick feet, despite his size. At 6’2″ and 240 pounds, He tends to run over defenders rather than go around them, but he can make guys miss. He also has great field vision that allows him to find his way through traffic.

It would be a change from the typical Cardinals running back, but Conner could be a very nice piece for them. David Johnson is a physical runner, but Conner is on another level. A powerful back to wear down defenses would give Arizona another dimension to their offense. He’s a special person that fans would love, and he could be a special player as well.