Arizona Cardinals: 5 top free agent receivers

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Robert Woods

Robert Woods is another one of those receiver free agents that can come in and not have to assume a number one role.  He had 51 receptions for 613-yards and one touchdown for the Buffalo Bills in 2016.

He too was in an offense not very receiver friendly given the offense they ran.  Woods had six receptions for 51-yards against the Cardinals back in September.

His cap hit would be minimal and could come in an be that number two or three guy.  His name is not as flashy as some others on the free agency list, however he certainly can get the job done.

The biggest issue is production slipped a bit in 2016.  He slightly improved over 2015 when he had 47 receptions for 552-yards but he also had three touchdowns.  His best season was 2014 when he had 65 receptions for 699-yards and five touchdowns.

The 2014 numbers are more ideal for the type of numbers the Cardinals are looking for in any free agent receiver they would bring in, if they do so at all.  Woods will be entering his fifth season in the NFL in 2017.