The Big Five Quarterbacks and Who Fits Best with the Arizona Cardinals

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Deshaun Watson is a dynamic player who has all the intangibles a team would want

Few college quarterbacks have had as much success as Deshaun Watson. In his two seasons as the starter at Clemson, he dominated, earning numerous accolades, and he led his team to two consecutive trips to the National Championship game, winning it last year.

In 2015 and 2016, Watson recorded a total of over 8,700 yards and 76 touchdowns. He was also a terrific runner, with 1,700 yards and 21 scores on the ground. Clemson had a 28-2 record, and won a national championship with him at quarterback.

The word most often associated with Watson is “leader”. That doesn’t always translate to NFL success, but NFL teams love that. His toughness is unmatched, and he has tremendous competitive fire. He did throw 30 interceptions over the past two years, often on inaccurate throws, which is a concern. He also sometimes forced throws.

Likelihood of Drafting: 3/10

Like Trubisky, Watson could be gone well before the 13th pick. Also, like Trubisky, Watson’s overall size isn’t where the Cardinals like it. The other concern would be with his ability to throw it downfield. Everyone loves a winner, but Watson seems to be too far outside of the norms for the Cardinals.