The Big Five Quarterbacks and Who Fits Best with the Arizona Cardinals

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Patrick Mahomes is the biggest risk of the quarterbacks, but could have the biggest reward

Scouting reports on Patrick Mahomes are all over the place, and he’s expected to either go inside the top ten, or somewhere in day two. He’s an exciting player who does things that no other passer in this draft does, but he’s a big risk.

Mahomes’ numbers are breath-taking over the past two years. In those two seasons, he threw for more than 9,700 yards and 77 touchdowns. He ran for another 22 during that time. The offense he played in helped rack up stats, but he performed terrifically.

The biggest concern for Mahomes is in his mechanics. He can make any throw asked of him, and has a knack for the spectacular. However, he is prone to bad footwork, which has often led to bad throws and turnovers. When his mechanics are in line, he’s a potential Pro Bowl caliber player.

Likelihood of Drafting: 6/10

Mahomes is another quarterback whose ceiling is sky-high. It’s easy to see him as a successful NFL player. It’s also easy to see him failing due to a failure to progress. He can make every throw the Cardinals would need, but pick 13 might be to high for him with his questions. He probably wouldn’t be available by the time the Cardinals pick in round two.