It’s more than fantasy for Arizona Cardinals

Some people aren’t happy the Arizona Cardinals went with their backup running back on Sunday against the New York Giants

Let us be not the first to tell you your football team does not care about your fantasy stats.  The Arizona Cardinals and coach Kliff Kingsbury respect your dilemma but real life is much more important than a pretend game.

Before you throw a hissy-fit saying fantasy football is more than just a game because some people put money on it, well, too bad.  People are upset that David Johnson didn’t play and was replaced after 3 snaps by Chase Edmonds.

The owners of David Johnson felt like the team was misleading in his status on Sunday, leading them to start him.  If you followed the team at all during the week, you should have known that was probably not the right decision regardless if Johnson was active or not.

Johnson did not practice or was limited all week leading up to their 27-21 victory over the New York Giants.  He had been considered a game-time decision during the week.

Just 90 minutes before kickoff, the Cardinals declared Johnson active.  But even then, people that really pay attention should have known the risk to start with.

Maybe the fire was fueled a bit by Cardinals Twitter on Sunday.  This was a tweet that sent ESPN’s Matthew Berry into a raging fit all day Monday, talking about it on Twitter and on ESPN Radio.

If you’ve seen Cardinals social media director Zachary Galia’s tweets this season since coming to the Valley from Pittsburgh, you’d know there was never any disrespect meant.  This was all in good fun.

However ESPN’s Berry took it a little too hard.  We’re guessing he didn’t sleep well on Sunday night.

That was a follow up to his tweet which seemed to start his tirade. Again, he doesn’t seem too happy.

Calm down Matthew.  David Johnson had every intention of trying to make it a go on Sunday.  However he decided after three snaps, one carry, he couldn’t go.  The Cardinals had Edmonds prepared to go in case this happened.

But if you spent anytime during the week, I mean really spent time during the week trying to gain the pulse of every team and how things really were instead of relying on some sheet to tell you what’s happening, then you wouldn’t be this upset.

Or can you?  The Cardinals mis-lead no one sir.  Did they have fun with it on Twitter because of the great Edmonds performance?  Sure did.  Suck it up buttercup.

The DJ situation wasn’t the only one people were upset about either.  Some weren’t happy with quarterback Kyler Murray only throwing for 104-yards and the team committing to the run.

That’s right.  Murray doesn’t care about your fantasy team and nor should he.  The only thing he needs to care about is his team winning.

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Unfortunately some people have a hard time separating the two.  That’s a sad but true commentary on fantasy football.  However, Murray, Kingsbury, and Cardinals Twitter all had correct takes.  Let’s move on.

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