Arizona Cardinals throwback logos that could be used

Due to the buzzkill rule that is the “One helmet rule“, teams can’t really wear throwbacks were their helmet was a different color in an attempt to keep concussions as low as possible. However, the Arizona Cardinals throwback logos and uniform history has largely included a white helmet since the 1958 season, then technically all of the team’s previous logos could be used in a season.

There’s been a lot of urging from the Cardinals fan base to change their uniforms, and from myself to ditch the black alternate uniforms because of their bad record in them. No changes have been made since the 2004 season, so why not feature a few home games with a different logo slapped on the helmet each time? It would be the first time since 1994 when the NFL celebrated its 75th anniversary that the Arizona Cardinals throwback logo would be on a helmet.

Chicago Cardinals primary and secondary logos

Chicago Cardinals primary and secondary logos

I personally think these two are classic logos that the team hardly ever uses. They’re only seen in the stadium on the two NFL Championship banners in 1925 and 1947. Yes, the Cardinals do have championship titles, even if the 1925 title was infamously awarded to the then Chicago Cardinals. Also in 2002, the league voted 30-2 in favor of not to reopen the 1925 fiasco, and the Cardinals kept their title. There’s something about that double “C” that just seems pretty cool, and the bird by itself isn’t bad, and it could possibly be re-done.

St.Louis/Phoenix/ Early Arizona Cardinals throwback Logos

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Neil Lomax

A lot of NFL alumni said that this bird was “passive” looking, and for a long time I agreed. But there is something about it that just makes it look so cool and it’s

grown on me. Maybe it’s how long the back of the head goes on the helmet. The fact that it’s retro probably has something to do with. This is the logo that was also used on the “state flag look” that Kyler Murray said he preferred. It would be great to see them slap these beauties on for a few games.

I’m unable to get a clear picture of the “Arch” logo that isn’t cutoff in some fashion, but it’s definitely worth looking at. I think the arch logo is best one the team’s ever had, as incorporating the regional stuff is always a plus. They just don’t make classic logos like they used to. These Arizona Cardinals throwback logos should definitely make a return, as the oldest team in the league needs to have a more active display of their history.

So will either this or new uniforms happen? Who knows. But the fans are itching for something different. Let’s keep staying persistent about them and maybe they’ll listen to the fans sooner rather than later.