3 Bold Predictions: Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers – Week 5

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) James Conner
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) James Conner /
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Arizona Cardinals
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Alford steps up for Arizona

Alford spent the past two seasons on injured reserve. If neither Byron Murphy nor Marco Wilson can go on Sunday, look for Alford to step up against one of the league’s top receivers in Deebo Samuel. And look for him to step up to the challenge.

One significant advantage is that the 49ers will be starting rookie Trey Lance at quarterback. And while Lance has had his moments, further research shows just how fringe Lance still is. It’s nice to have a 121.1 quarterback rating, but so far, Lance has seen either situational or relief play. His two touchdown passes last week show his skill, but he only completed 9-of-18 passes.

So Alford, and the Cardinals’ secondary, will get help with the inexperienced rookie who is still adjusting to the NFL, making the big leap from the FCS. Deebo Samuel may be one of the league’s best receivers, but limitations at quarterback will see Alford winning this battle.

You can also place Marco Wilson here if he can go on Sunday. But since it’s highly unlikely Murphy plays, and since Wilson is dealing with his own injury, expect Alford to fill in at CB1.