3 teams who can hand the Cardinals their second loss of 2021

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Arizona Cardinals
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Detroit Lions in Week 15

The Lions should be at least 1-6 right now. And the team they should have beaten earlier in the year was the Baltimore Ravens. If Justin Tucker didn’t make a 66-yard field goal, or if the officials saw the delay of game, the Lions would have already beaten one of the league’s best.

But why are the 0-7 Lions even listed? For one, they ended a losing streak dating back to the previous season against the Cardinals just a season ago. So it’s not like the Cardinals wouldn’t let this happen again. Also, the Cardinals love to play to their competition. And if the last six decades of NFL history suggest anything, the Lions fit the mold of lesser competition.

The Cardinals don’t play the Lions until December 19th. Meaning they would be 12-1 and would need to beat three division rivals, the Chicago Bears, and the Carolina Panthers to get there. It’s more likely the Cardinals will lose before this. But they have already proven they can embark on long winning streaks. And they’re also winless against the Lions during the Kingsbury era.