Arizona Cardinals get lousy ratings on CBS’ Top 100 players list

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player. 32. Full Rankings. 68: A.J. Terrell. 70: Diontae Johnson. Budda Baker. 69. Pick Analysis

For Budda Baker, the 69th spot is also just a bit too low. Baker hit a career-high in interceptions (three) and let up the fewest amount of completions in his career to date. In addition, Baker is the second-highest strong safety on the list, just behind the Buffalo Bills’ Micah Hyde.

Baker’s stats did take a hit last year, but the stats only tell so much. These rankings are always subjective and missing a bit of context.

What does Baker have to do to improve his ranking? The first step would be getting closer to Hyde’s completion percentage of 64.4. Baker’s percentage was closer to 68, and he also was two interceptions behind Hyde (five for Hyde, three for Baker).

This should be bulletin board material for these Arizona Cardinals players and the entire team themselves. It’s time to finish a season and get closer to winning a Lombardi Trophy.

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