2022 NFC Predictions: Lots of familiar teams, but a few surprises

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2022 NFC Predictions
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The NFC North is slowly improving as they rank second in the conference.

This may seem a little high, but let me explain why the NFC North is as high as it is.

First, we’ll start with the boring: the Green Bay Packers will be the favorite to win this division as long as Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback.

But the more exciting part about this division is what’s happening outside of Packerland. Take, for instance, the Minnesota Vikings. They got the top offensive-minded coaching candidate in Kevin O’Connell (who just won Super Bowl LVI).

He’ll have the task of taming Kirk Cousins into a less “Jekyll and Hyde” quarterback. Adding Zadarius Smith from in-house rival Green Bay is another solid move.

Minnesota finishes second this year, but I don’t think there will be a sizeable gap between them and the Detroit Lions. Jared Goff did pretty dang good and had the team in so many games, and they even kicked our tails late in the season when Arizona needed a win badly.

Dan Campbell is such a loveable guy, and anyone would run through a brick wall for that guy. But, hopefully, he brings some much-needed success to Detroit, perhaps even splitting the series with the Packers.

Finally, the Chicago Bears are rebooting once again, but Justin Fields showed so much promise in the Pittsburgh game this past season. It will take some time, but Fields will be fun to watch by air and land.

Our 2022 NFC Predictions for the NFC North: Green Bay

This is a division that is catching up to the Packers on paper. We’ll see what happens in 2022.