Not Much of an Advantage

Coach Ken Whisenhunt and assistant Russ Grimm are going up against their former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII.  We already know that.  However, do you think it gives the Cardinals any advantage at all?  Personally, I think it doesn’t hurt, but it’s not quite the advantage that some may think.

The Steelers are playing under current head coach Mike Tomlin, who brought in his own system.  Sure some of the same personnel still exists from when Whiz was there last in the 2006 season.  I just don’t think it gives the Cardinals the advantage some out there think may be the difference between winning and losing.

What do you think?  Please leave comments.

Go Cards!!

Scott Allen

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  • Steelers rule!!!

    It doesn’t matter, Whiz can know the play before it’s snapped and the folding Cardinals are still going to get their asses handed to them!! Heinz Field in Tampa!! Go Steelers!!!!!

  • BlacknGoldNation

    First, this Steeler fan of over 40 years wants to say congratulations to the Cards and their fans. We in Pittsburgh know what its like be a doormat and what its like to be champion. You team is in more than capable hands with Ken and Russ, who we in Pittsburgh hold in extremely high regard. The day they got hired I knew our teams paths would cross in a Super Bowl and I’m delighted that times has come. You will no doubt read posts from both Steeler and Cards fans who talk smack and act immature. Forget about them. They are the minority. Real football fans can discuss games intelligently, trade barbs with humor and respect, and share a beer with guys wearing opposing colors while tailgating at the game. We are fans of the game as much as we are of our respective teams, and we Steeler fans welcome you to the Big Show. It’s a blast. Enjoy it. For two weeks, Pittsburgh is like a lit fuse on a firecracker, sparkling and ready to ignite with a bang! People walk around smiling, laughing. The Black n’ Gold colors permeate our work and our play and we wear these colors with obvious pride, from grandmothers in wheel chairs to newborns only a day old. Our team defines our city, our citizens and we welcome you to this collective insanity that we trust you too, will enjoy like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I have all the respect in the world for your team. It’s no accident these two great teams are playing in the Super Bowl. It’s the cause and effect outcome of great coaching, dedicated players and super fans supporting them along the way. There will be plenty of time to talk about the game. For now, savor the moment. You earned it. If you see us tailgating, say hello. We’ll but you a beer!

  • AZScott

    Thanks guys! I am excited that we are playing such a respected team such as the Steelers. I appreciate the comments – keep em coming!

  • o

    The fairytale is over. NFC west one of the worst in the NFL. Soft schedule,soft and undersized team. Noway the Cardinals find a way around the number one defense in the league. In the Eagles game I saw poor coverage and sissy tackling from the Eagles. Of course you are going to win playing sub par teams, but your playing with the big boys, and they will chew you up and spit you out for four quarters. Fitzgerald and Bolden will end up in the Hospital if there lucky cause the steelers are going to be teeing off on them like they have been doing to everybody all year. Congradulations Cardinals but your dream season is all for nothing. I saw you guys celebrate like 5 year old school girls for getting to the super bowl. You see how calm cool and collected the Steelers were because they have been there before and expect to be there every year. Expect to see your running game nonexistant amd passing numbers down considerably as the Steelers defense takes this game over and our offense takes the air out of the football. AFC is real smashmouth football the way it was intended to be played. You have not seen a team like the Steelers all year so you have no basis for compareson. Steelers however had the toughest schedule in the whole NFL this year. I don’t believe the Cardinals could even beat the Ravens how do they think the can even hang with the Steelers?

  • steelers rule

    Well said “o”. And i never had to confront a Steeler fan here, but i will. BlacknGoldNation,”Real football fans?” How passive aggressive can you get here? It’s sick.. Your post sounds like your getting your nails ready for a polo or tennis match. True football is about pure raw emotion not hamburgers, hot dogs, and beer.. Just wear red to the game because you wouldn’t want to offend a Cardinal’s fan.. Where do your kind come from, The William Penn Omni? lol!! Arizona’s going to get their ass kicked!!! Beat up!!! Smashed!!! Fact!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well Steelers rule nice to see a real Steelers fan showed up to put in his two cents. This may irritate some people from Arizona, but lets go through your 8-8 season. One other team has done that and went to the superbowl and that was the Rams. They lost to who thats right the Steelers. So if history repeats its self  then how do you think the Cardinals win. Atlanta(rookie quarterback no defence) Carolina teal uniforms may I say more, and finally Philadelphia  who have a true choke artist at the helm and who gave the game away to you with piss poor coverage and non- existant tackling. What have you done this year against a real defense nothing because you have not faced a real defense. “Flacco looked good this year in the playoffs before he had played Pittsburgh because he had not yet played Pittsburgh”. Same with Kurt. So put some books in your pants before the game cause we will be paddling your asses for four quarters Feb, 1st
    Your truly O