Anticlimatic Fine on Steelers’ Holmes

The NFL can’t be serious can they?

Sure, if you believe, which is reporting that the NFL is planning on fining Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes $10,000 for his Super Bowl game winning touchdown celebration.

Aye aye aye.  Why?  What’s the point?  For the record, he should be fined.  However he should have also drawn a penalty flag during the game and assessed a 15 yard flag for unsportsmanlike conduct.  The referees will never tell you they missed the call though.  I think the referees, although flag happy at times in the Super Bowl, did a pretty good job – except for that one.  The other calls were too close to overturn.

I’m so sick of players drawing fines later for calls never made during the game.  Sure many of them deserve the fines, but it so anti-climatic, so really, what’s the point?  First of all, Holmes I guarantee you will not miss the money.  Secondly, he’d probably pay a million dollars if it meant still keeping the Super Bowl Championship, which he will because no amount of fine will change the outcome of the game.

Lastly, why did it take two and a half weeks to levy the fine?  It’s almost as if someone in the NFL front office said “oh hey, nothing going on right now, wanna sit down and watch some tape of the game and see what we can find?”

You know what, just let Holmes keep his money.  A fine doesn’t do a thing for the Cardinals now.  It won’t sway Holmes from making the move again.  Only a suspension, which would be ridiculous in this world of the No Fun League, would deter such action in the future.  Please.  A $10,000 fine this far removed from the Super Bowl is like me being fined $20 for a parking violation that occurred a year ago.

For the record, no such parking violation exists.

Scott Allen

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  • Fuqua

    Actually, on the official review by the head of officiating for the NFL, he said they blew that call. On the video they showed, you can see the official watching… watching… watching… and then the moment he turned around is when Holmes started the mime act.

    There were some questionable calls on both sides. I’d agree that for the most part, they were close and that this one should have been called.

    That being said, it’s a silly rule and the players should be able to celebrate a game winning touchdown in the biggest game potentially of their life.

  • Matt


    I agree that it’s a silly rule, but a rule is a rule and shouldn’t be disregarded because it’s a a huge game. If they want to revise the rule this offseason, I’d be all for it.

    This particular blown call would have changed the entire final drive. The outcome is obviously forever going to be unknown.

  • Eddie Red


    This fine (if true) is nothing but damage-control, NFL-style. It is simply tacit admission that their Officials missed an obvious penalty. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the Rule, they missed it. And this one was a Biggie.
    Actually, IMHO, the game was over-officiated, with more than a few head-scratcher, until the Holmes catch. After that play, however, the Officials (Replay Booth included) completely abdicated their their responsibilities.
    At the most critical juncture of the League’s showcase event, the NFL lost contact with it’s own rules and procedures, leaving behind a small but nagging residue of doubt, which was so easily avoidable.
    Its both ironic and lamentable that it took three weeks for the League to acknowledge what a billion people saw live.