Hello Cards fans!

My brother Zach and I co-founded, which is the third unofficial NFL blog site in the Just The Fans Network. I will be contributing to the site every once in awhile, as I cover the NFL over at and enjoy the Arizona Cardinals, a young and emerging team, a great deal. However, I am and forever will be a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan.

That is why I brought die-hard Cards fan Mike Duggan onboard to be’s lead writer. As you can tell, we made the right choice. The Cardinals are an exciting team with a nearly limitless future, and that is why we decided to make this one of our first sites. We are ecstatic about both Mike and to say the least.

Anyway, from this day forth we will strive to be the best Cardinals blog on the Net. So stop back by, register, boomark us, link us, etc… it all is greatly appreciated. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment either, as we will do are damnedest to answer each and every one and will always celebrate what each and every Cards fan brings to the table. Remember this site is part of the “Just The Fans” Network — this is your site.

Thanks for your support!