Cards quote from Dan Arkush’s ESPN Insider chat


Thought this would be of interest to everybody…

"Evan (NJ): how do you see the Faneca-Rooney contract saga playing out? will he force their hand to trade him? They can’t have a co-captain with such a bad attitude, can they?"

"Dan Arkush: I like the way the new head coach was able to at least get Faneca to reconsider participating in the recent mini. I see Faneca playing out his contract and moving on to another team via free agency, with the Cardinals being a good bet. Will he be a problem in the mean time? My money’s on Tomlin being able to keep him under control."

Looks like Alan Faneca could indeed end up joining the Arizona Cardinals, just a year later than most fans would probably like. Don’t know much about Dan Arkush, but Pro Football Weekly’s guys usually tend to be pretty sharp. Don’t buy too much into this, but it does show that it’s not just fans who think Faneca would be a good fit for the Cards, and vice versa.

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