Adrian Wilson gets no respect… except from Mosley


ESPN’s Matt Mosley, who also has the new Hashmarks blog over there, named Adrian Wison as his “best player you’ve never heard of” a few days ago. Really, everyone’s heard of Wilson, we just don’t hear about him nearly as much as we should. Dude’s not only a warrior, but also a leader as well. That’s saying something when you’re on a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in eons. It would be easy for Wilson to be disgruntled, but that’s just not his style. Here’s what Mosley had to say:

"Matt Mosley: Adrian Wilson, S, ArizonaEven though he finally went to a Pro Bowl this past season, I still think Cardinals strong safety Adrian Wilson is a player we don’t hear enough about. Over the past few years, the 28-year-old has been a player that opposing offenses always have to account for. I had an NFC East wide receiver tell me last season that he fears Wilson more than any safety in the game. He had eight sacks in 2005 and then followed that up with five sacks, four interceptions and 87 tackles last season. Wilson used to be a player who needed to be close to the line of scrimmage to succeed, but over the last two years, he’s worked hard to improve his ball skills. He’s capable of taking some of the top tight ends in the league completely out of games and he has great timing when it comes to blitzing. You put Wilson on a better team, and he would’ve had at least three Pro Bowl trips by now. And while a lot of players have complained at how poorly the club has been run, Wilson has been an excellent teammate."