Leinart Chooses CSMG for Marketing


With Matt Leinart’s popularity growing and growing everyday he has decided to hire CSMG marketing firm. They will represent him for marketing, with initial emphasis on corporate partnerships and licensing.

"“Matt Leinart is an elite athlete with the charisma, intelligence and drive to be successful both on and off the football field. We are excited to partner with Matt and his management team to build the Leinart Brand,” said Andrew Stroth, Executive Vice President of Marketing at CSMG.“Everyone in the business pitches ‘branding’ and other catch phrases. At CSMG, they don’t have to, you just look at the class and quality behind the marketing of guys like Wade and McNabb, they don’t have to say anything,” said Chuck Price, one of Leinart’s contract agents.“My focus and goal remains to be a productive quarterback on a successful team. Once the Cardinals reach the level of success we’re shooting for, I am certain the folks at CSMG will help me be seen as a valuable part of the community and great role model like Dwyane and Donovan,” said Matt Leinart."