Huff gone to the Falcons


AZCentral reported that former Cards LB Orlando Huff recently signed with the Atlanta Falcons, and I for one am not going to miss him at all. Huff came to AZ from Seattle where he had been fairly productive. He had the reputation as an athletic young guy who could be an effective run stopper. He had good size and strength at 6’3″ 263 lbs, but never improved his speed and often got beat on the backside cutbacks by the likes of Shaun Alexander and Frank Gore. Too many times he easily got sealed by the tackle or overpursued, leading to big yardage plays. Bottom line: he wasn’t producing here in the desert and he’s moved on. I wish him all the success in the world, just not on December 23……..that’s when the Falcons and their new LB come to Glendale.

Mike Duggan