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Well fans, as promised weeks ago, this is the first of what we hope to be regular contributions from the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Alumni – a group of beautiful young women who love this team and are some of its biggest fans. I was thinking we could make Wednesday our Cheerleader day, what do all of you think?

So without any further ado, this recent post is from Bari (that’s her on the far left), former team captain and the current head of the Cards Cheer Alumni group, enjoy!

(from left to right: Bari, Jessica, Nicole, Adriana, Dawn and two little Cards fans)

Hey Cards fans, my name is Bari and I am a former 5 year Cardinals Cheerleader. I was on the sidelines in 2000, took a brief hiatus, and then returned for seasons 2003-2006. I have been asked to write for the Raisingzona blog page to give you a behind the scenes look at the life of a Cardinals Cheerleader throughout the season!! So let’s get started!!

The Cardinals cheerleaders are well on their way to preparing for the pre-season games next month. In fact, tryouts take place in April and once the team is selected, the cheerleaders have their own mini-camp in May to get things started. After the initial mini-camp the cheerleaders then begin their rigorous workouts at the Cardinals training facility. Twice a week the cheerleaders practice outside drilling dances, conditioning and toning, and making sure that everything is perfect.

As you know this years training camp kicks off very soon and everyone is excited!! The Cards have a new coach and a new attitude!! The scrimmage game that is held in Flagstaff every year is a big deal for the Cardinals Cheerleaders. This is the very first time that the fans will be seeing & meeting the new squad. For rookie cheerleaders this is the very first time they are performing for the fans as well… it can be nerve-wracking!! To ease the nerves on this day, as well as before games, we would always make a circle and say things to pump ourselves up and get our adrenaline flowing. But the thing that helps the most with the anxiety of performing is the fans. Hearing the crowd cheer you on is unbelievable!! So fans… this year when you are up in Flagstaff for the scrimmage game and the Cardinals Cheerleaders come out to perform, don’t hold back, let them know you are watching and let them know they are the best NFL cheerleaders in the league!!

If you have any questions about what it’s like on the squad or traveling to perform I’d be more than happy to answer them for you, just leave me a comment or a question and I’ll be sure to answer it. It’s gonna be a great year, Go Big Red!!