It’s official – Pace gets the nod


Coach Whisenhunt made it official Monday afternoon when he named OLB Calvin Pace as the starter for the 2007 season over teammate Darryl Blackstock according to the team’s official site. Pace will fill in for the injured Chike Okeafor at the strong-side linebacker position, and was selected over Blackstock because of his size and potential to be a force against the run. At 6’4″ 270lbs, he provides a larger obstacle than the 6’3″ 244lbs Blackstock.

Is this the right move? Well they are the coaches, not me, so it doesn’t really matter what I say. Whisenhunt cited Pace’s previous starting experience as a key factor in his decision, but he also acknowledged that Blackstock is a more natural linebacker. I know experience is important, but how’s a man supposed to get experience if he doesn’t get the chance? I think Blackstock’s speed and athletic ability negate the 1 inch and 26 lbs that Pace has on him, but you gotta trust that Coach Whisenhunt knows what he’s doing.

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Mike Duggan