That old sick feeling again……


Yep, I got it right in the pit of my stomach………DAMN!!!!

In a game that could not have been more backwards in terms of expectations, the Arizona Cardinals fell one play short of walking out of San Francisco with a win. While I know that I can’t get down after the first game of the season, that same meltdown in the fourth quarter is what kills me, that same inability to finish off an opponent, especially one that they dominated all night until the final 2:48 of the game!

If I was Eric Green, I would go bury my head about twenty feet underground and not come out until Sunday. For those of you who didn’t see, Niners QB Alex Smith drove his team down the field with under two minutes to play and connected on a 20+ yard strike to Arnez Battle at the goalline, BUT….. FS Terrance Holt forced a fumble which rolled into the endzone. Along comes Green and instead of falling on the football, a drill commonly referred to as the snake drill, he looked like he attempted to pick it up and instead of ending the game with a touchback and the Cards kneeling on the football, the niners recovered and scored to eek out a 20-17 win.

I’ll write up a full game wrap up later, write now I’m too pissed off and sick to compliment the defense (who deserves it except for the final drive) or give it up for a renewed ground game. Maybe in a couple of hours after I’ve cooled off…..

But don’t mistake my anger for a shift in my faith, I still love the Cards. But starting the season 0-1 is too familiar and not what this team needed.

Mike Duggan