Fantasy Football: League Standings


Well, after two weeks of NFL action it’s obvious that some of us aren’t performing as well as others. Of course the big story on the fantasy front so far is the flops of RBs Stephen Jackson and LaDanian Tomlinson with less than stellar outings during their first two games, and the absence of Larry Johnson from the headlines up until now. But it’s still early, maybe Frank West’s Avengers can rebound along with all of his trendy New Orleans Saints players!

Here are the standings after week 2:

2-0 Teams 🙂
1. Your Hero (249.9 PF)
2. BengalKILL0605 (247.5 PF)
3. RedBirdRage (197.5 PF* but he’s 2-0)

1-1 Teams 😐
4. The Fantastic Fitzgeralds (225.8 PF)
5. Kobra Kai (221.5 PF)
6. The Boondock Saints (209.1 PF)
7. TJ Howsyurvanilla’s (200.1 PF)

0-2 Teams 🙁
8. DC Fingerbangers (182.6 PF)
9. The Tight Ends (166.6 PF)
10. Frank West’s Avengers (131.3 PF)

The PF means “points for”, that’s how many points your team has scored. You can check all of these scores under the standings section on the league home page. It’s getting crazy now, but my TJ Howsyurvanilla’s can pull it off as long as Carson keeps throwing 6 TDs a game!!

Check back here every two weeks for an update on the standings until the fantasy playoffs start. Also look out for some overall NFL Football Picks based on NFL Odds. That way you can win in fantasy, your eliminator leagues and gambling wise, if that sort of thing tickles your fancy.

Mike Duggan