Bring On The Noise!! Home Crowd Comes Up Big In Win


Both Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt and Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren commented on the sellout crowd at University of Phoenix Stadium on hand for the game this past Sunday, here’s what they had to say:


“Personally, at the end of the game, what means more to me was when it was a critical situation and our defense had to make a play, the crowd was there and they were into the game……….And that, to me, means that we have a chance if we do what we’re supposed to do, to get something pretty special here as far as our fan support goes…..You know what? They had an effect on the game, and to me, that’s the most rewarding thing.”


“It’s horrible. It’s horrible, I never lost a game that way, but I suppose if you’re at this long enough, you’ll see just about anything. I haven’t seen that before……What had happened was that Shaun (Alexander) had thought Matt (Hasselback) had called an audible but was confused due to the crowd noise…..and instead of falling on it he tried to make a play and the ball didn’t bounce our way.”

They call it the “12th Man” – the home-field advantage. That little extra something, that jolt of energy and momentum that the crowd can give you. That’s what you – the fans – provided for the Cardinals on Sunday. I was there too, screaming my head off during that last drive as I hope all of you are for the remaining 7 regular season home games we have left on the schedule.

Cardinals fans – GET IT LOUD!!!!

Mike Duggan