Linehan to sit Bulger on Sunday


St. Louis Rams head coach Scott Linehan told reporters at the team’s press conference on Wednesday that back-up QB Gus Frerotte will be the Rams’ starting QB for the injured Marc Bulger against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

By making this decision, Linehan has done two things:

1. He has saved Bulger’s life!

The Cards defense is coming off of a dominant performance against a very tough Pittsburgh team and with all of the injuries to the Rams’ offensive line, Darnell Dockett, Antonio Smith and Bertrand Berry would have abused Bulger like a pinball all day long, probably ending his entire 07 campaign. Now he gets a chance to live to fight another day, but……

2. He has offered up Frerotte to the wolves!

The Cards are going to pressure him all day long. Without star RB Steven Jackson in the line up, the Rams won’t be able to establish the run and will try to score their first offensive TD since week two’s loss to the Niners through the air. The only problem is that Gus will have to be upright to throw the ball, and that won’t happen very much!

Check back on Friday for my full game 5 preview, but it ain’t gonna be pretty if you’re a Rams fan. GO CARDS!!!!

Mike Duggan