This is Kurt’s team now, Leinart Out for the Season


Arizona Cardinals front office made it official today, placing Cards second year QB Matt Leinart on IR effectively ending 2007-08 season. Kurt Warner now gets the full time job and will take this team as far as he can guide them. To back him up, the Cards signed veteran Tim Rattay today to a one year contract.

I wish it hadn’t come to this. Leinart was playing well and showed improvement in the St Louis game prior to the injury. People were quick to dismiss Leinart after a few shaky starts, but remember that he was thrown into the fire in his rookie year and didn’t know the entire system. Then after a coaching change, he was forced to learn an entirely new system that new head coach Ken Whisenhunt and his staff brought to Arizona. With an additional season to absorb this system, I think Matt will be outstanding next year.

But now the quarterback controversy is over, the team has one QB, one leader. The most important thing the team can do now is rally behind Kurt, and not let Matt’s injury affect them too much. Keep the momentum going, and keep the protection going for Warner in the pocket. If he has the time, he can pick anyone apart.

The season is definately not over……’s just gotten interesting! GO CARDS!!!

Mike Duggan