Fantasy Football: Raisingzona’s Finest League Update


Well we are entering week 6 and now only one team remains unbeaten. Thanks to the bountiful interceptions thrown by Tony Romo on Monday night, Kobra Kai was able to hold on to hand Your Hero their first loss of the season. Probably the closest game I have seen yet was between The Fantastic Fitzgeralds and Frank West’s Avengers in which the difference in the game was 1.3 points!

Here are the standings after week 5:

1. BengalKILL0605 (5-0)
2. Your Hero (4-1)
3. Kobra Kai (4-1)
4. RedBirdRage (3-2)
5. The Fantastic Fitzgeralds (2-3)
6. TJ Howsyurvanillas (2-3)
7. The Boondock Saints (2-3)
8. DC Fingerbangers (1-4)
9. Frank West’s Avengers (1-4)
10. The Tight Ends (1-4)

5 weeks down, 8 more to go until the playoffs.

Mike Duggan