Super Bowl Week


It’s been an interesting week here at home in the Phoenix area with the Super Bowl being here.  Lots of action, lots of parties, just a lot of everything.  I am lucky enough to work across the street from the Patriots hotel.  Now, mind you the place is secured tighter than an airport, so getting any looks at the players is virtually impossible. . . .unless you are in the helicopter that has been hovering above the hotel all week or in the Goodyear and Metlife blimps hovering above as well.  I’ve seen a lot of Cardinals out and about this week.  First there was Kurt Warner on the Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN on Wednesday.  Last evening Matt Leinart was interviewed at a party he was attending.  He also was scheduled to be involved in today’s Celebrity Beach Volleyball game in Scottsdale.  If that wasn’t enough, and trust me, with the Super Bowl, it isn’t; however he is scheduled to co-host a party with John Travolta on Saturday.  I’m also aware that the Cardinals Terrance Holt is hosting a flag football tournament this Saturday with his brother, Torry Holt, WR for the St. Louis Rams.  Karlos Dansby was also at the NFL Experience last Saturday. 

So needless to say that the Cardinals have been well represented out here this week.  Hopefully next year they take care of all their post season participation on the field rather than off.

Hats off to the Giants and Patriots for great seasons and getting this far.  The NFL has been doing a great job this week here in Arizona.  Nice to see a lot of locals realizing the charity the NFL can provide.  I hope it’s not another 12 years before they come back. 

Scott Allen