No Help From the Free Agent Market


The best moves the Cardinals will probably make this off season will be the in-house moves to retain current talent.  I was reading today about the problems the Cardinals face in restructuring a new deal for Larry Fitzgerald and how they won’t have much money to go after a top notch free agent.  This could prove troublesome once Calvin Pace tests the market and someone gives him a lucrative deal.  The Cardinals will, in my estimation, probably have to let him go.  I also read that the Cardinals are currently about $30 million under the cap, but still have 19 roster spots to fill.  Only 34 players are under contract for next season as of today.  

I’m reading some comments from fans that General Manager Rod Graves must go and how could he have given Fitzgerald the deal he did four years ago to put the team in this position.  Well, look what Fitzgerald has done for the franchise.  He’s been a top 5 receiver in the NFL, even going to the Pro Bowl this season, despite the injuries he had.  Yeah, we may be a little cash strapped and what we do in the free agency market will depend on how/if the Fitzgerald deal gets done, but in the long run, I’m glad we have him no matter what he costs.  I think there will be some creativity this off season in getting deals done, but my confidence is high we can win with who we have now as long as we don’t subtract any big pieces such as Pace. 

Scott Allen