Cardinals Pre-Season Schedule


Well, it isn’t the regular season; however the Cardinals got some good news today as they were tapped for a Thursday night ESPN Pre-Season telecast on August 7th against the New Orleans Saints.  The game is slated for a 5pm start.  That is the first of four preseason games that were announced by the NFL today.  The Cardinals are also scheduled to go to Kansas City in week 2, go to Oakland in week 3, and finish the preseason at home against Denver

Other than the Saints game, not much to write home about.  Why the NFL feels the need to pit the Cardinals against the AFC West I will never know.  I am thankful they are getting the opportunity to showcase themselves early on national television.  That being said, you won’t see much from the starters in the first game, so I won’t get too pumped about it.  Come talk to me later this month when the regular season schedule is released and the Cardinals are on national tv.  Then I will be pumped.  Only four months away!!  Go Cards!

Scott Allen