A Potpourri of Issues


It’s been all quiet on from my end over the past couple of weeks, so I thought I’d drop by and offer my thoughts on a few subjects in and around the world of your Arizona Cardinals. 

Did you know the Cardinals have selected their cheerleader team for the 2008 season?  Yeah, I didn’t either.  News has to be slow I guess if that’s a headline on azcardinals.com.

The Cardinals signed a couple of free agents this past week.  QB Brian St. Pierre, who spent time with Pittsburgh and Baltimore and is from Boston College, was signed as the third QB.  General Manager Rod Graves claims it doesn’t close the door on bringing back Tim Hasselbeck, although I have to think his days in a Cardinals uniform are over.  They also signed S Matt Ware

I also just read that the Cardinals and Northern Arizona University came to an agreement to roll out a new turf field at The Skydome in Flagstaff, just in time for training camp.  Installation apparently began this past week.  It will allow NAU to use it for their spring practice and then be ready for the start of camp.  I, for one, am excited about this change.  The new turf, the Matrix version of “RealGrass“, will allow for a more forgiving surface for the Cardinals to use when they need to move indoors to practice.  The old, unforgiving turf, created more injuries than the Cardinals wish to remember, including RB Marcel Shipps’s season-ending leg injury in 2004.  I’ve played around on that old surface and it really is like playing on cement.  When I worked for the Cardinals, I spent hours standing on that turf and it can really do a number on you.  Any change as far as I’m concerned is a good change. 

There are also some other rumors out there about possible signings in the upcoming week.  It’s nothing too exciting to write home about, much less here, however it does tell me at least the Cardinals are trying to work with what they’ve got.

Only two weeks until the draft.  Look for more posts as the days leading up to the draft dwindle.  As of right now, I plan on an ongoing commentary on draft day.  I’m sure we will all have a lot to say come April 26th.  Go Cards!

Scott Allen