By The Numbers


I’ve run across some interesting numbers today that I thought you’d find interesting.

9 – The number of years since the Cardinals last won a season-opener on the road.  That was in Philadelphia.

1 – The number of more TD passes Kurt Warner had than Tom Brady in the second half of the 2007 season.  Like I said before, man can still throw a football.  May not be the most mobile of quarterbacks, but he is a smart player.

10 – The number of years since the last Cardinals playoff team.  Let’s hope that streak ends!

7– The number of times Matt Leinart has appeared on ESPN’s “Rome is Burning”.  Leinart is in a different kind of jungle right now.

400 – The milestone number of receptions Anquan Boldin became the fastest receiver to reach during the 2007 season.  At press time, the Cardinals were still not impressed enough to extend Boldin’s contract beyond the next three seasons.

6 million – about the amount more that Larry Fitzgerald is making this season over Anquan Boldin.  Ouch.

112.50 – How much one sideline lower level season ticket costs.  Wow, now I know who is giving Fitzgerald that extra money.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen