You Know You Are Not So Good


I was sitting here today thinking just how good the Arizona Cardinals have it.  Sure they are only 2-0, but just look at some of the turmoil many other teams and players are going through.  You know you’re not so good when –

  • When your starting quarterback is Tyler Thigpen. Honestly, I thought he at first was Yancy Thigpen, the former wide receiver.
  • When your starting quarterback is Gus Frerotte.  I wasn’t even aware he was still alive.  Last I checked, he planted a head butt into the wall in Washington.
  • When your best option at receiver was just re-signed to the team after said team released him a couple of years ago because of his run ins with the law.  I wonder who that is?
  • When your team hasn’t played a single down in the red zone yet this season.  Wow!  I almost should quit here – that’s rock bottom.  You know who I’m referring to, don’t you St. Louis?  I think my counterpart Vinnie knows that team pretty well.
  • When your quarterback throws for 50 yards in a game.  Oh, hello JaMarcus Russell.
  • When your starting quarterback becomes suicidal (allegedly) and then is replaced with a quarterback who can soon start collecting social security.
  • When your team scores only 8 points against Oakland.  No, stop laughing, seriously, that happened.
  • I guess I have a lot to be thankful for 1/8th into the new NFL season.  Sure, the tides may turn, however for now, I’m having fun for once on the other side of things.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen