Boomer is the Man!


All week ever since the opening kickoff of the Dallas Cowboys-Arizona Cardinals game, I’ve been thinking to myself that is sure sounded like former Cowboy and current NFL on FOX analyst Troy Aikman was really biased in his comments on Sunday pro Cowboys.  I hadn’t said anything up to this point because first, it would be natural for Aikman to be biased towards the Cowboys.  After all, he only led them to three Super Bowl wins in the 90’s.  Secondly, I thought I might only be imaging it since I am obviously so pro Cardinals, it would make it seem I was just looking for outlets to complain about.

Then I hear what Boomer Esiason, former Cincinnati Bengal, New York Jet, and Arizona Cardinal, said in his analysis.  He thought that Aikman provided significant bias in his comments on Sunday.  Thank you!  My initial thoughts were validated! Dan Bickley from the Arizona Republic, with whom I disagree often with, actually writes a great article today that you can read on

I have no problem with Aikman being a cheerleader for the Cowboys.  I wouldn’t expect any less.  However, as an analyst, he is supposed to remove his bias and tell it like it is, not how he thinks it should be.  I actually think Aikman has done a great job as analyst for the most part since joining the network after retiring from the NFL.  I think though FOX needs to take a better look at their assignments and really sit and listen to Aikman and wake up and realize he is providing a one-sided analysis for the most part when he announces Cowboys games.  I realize he is on the number one team for FOX and with that comes having to broadcast Cowboys games quite often.  However if he is not able to remove himself from the captain cheerleader role, then he is better suited analyzing other games not involving the Cowboys.

Thank you Boomer Esiason.

Go Cards!

Scott Allen